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Cornelio Cappellini is a contemporary Italian furniture company founded in the middle of the last century in “Brianza”, the worldwide famous district for the excellence in furniture manufacturing. The company, which was born as classical style furniture factory, bears the name of its founder: the forward-looking entrepreneur Cornelio Cappellini. Over time, in the early 2000s, Cornelio Cappellini understood the importance of combining the handcraft tradition with the modern style that was evolving in that period. The founder’s sons and daughter, Franco, Claudio and Lucia Cappellini soon learnt the company's secrets from their father: they helped him as teenagers while they were still studying at school and gradually assumed different and complementary roles in the company. Cornelio Cappellini stands out for its unique finishes, produced exclusively inside the company, for the accurate research of novelties and for the use of exclusive materials such as woods, metals, Murano glass and pottery. The distinctive feature of the ambiences Cornelio Cappellini is the balance of these finishes and excellent materials in order to create atmospheres with a strong character. The values of Passion, Quality and attention to Details mixed together with a contemporary style, have pushed the family business to the creation of contemporary collections all Made in Italy. In 2010 Cornelio Cappellini presented its luxury furniture collection “haute couture of interiors”, whose distinctive features are products with a strong personality and recognizability enhanced by the richness of details and precious finishes. Since 2018, the company has started a new creative path, influenced by the world of contemporary art, experimenting the materials, searching for three-dimensionality in the materials and enhancing the value of color as a decorative element. The new experience of a contemporary way of living finds its best expression in the new collection “Hessentia”, presented at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2019 in Milan. This collection is the result of a creative collaboration between the architect Luca Erba and Mr. Claudio Cappellini, CC creative director, who have been able to create a new corporate philosophy, where art, decorative skills, geometries and refinement of shapes are strongly enhanced. Franco Cappellini, currently CEO of the company, thanks to his brilliant business mind, is convinced that high-quality products together with an international taste are necessary to the company aiming at a long-term success. He soon started to spread the brand abroad, firstly in Russia, Middle Eastland, U.S, later in Asia and then worldwide. Thanks to this strategy, a lot of “monobrand” and “shop in shop” showrooms have been opened all over the world, and today about 90% of the sales volume corresponds to foreign markets.

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