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A LOT OF BRASIL is a Brazilian industry founded in 2012 by designer Pedro Franco. Its values are based on the concept of Glocality (global + local). In this way, it features pieces designed by designers from around the world and developed from a briefing that explores Brazilianness before being marketed in Brazil and abroad. Sofas produced in liquid wood, chairs injected with Brazilian fruit seeds; use of high technology, which refers to products with "design for all", and collections based on Brazilian microregions such as Cariri and Tocantins. These are some of the parts that the industry produces. The international debut of A Lot of Brasil took place at the International Furniture Show in Milan in 2013. Since then the industry has accumulated five consecutive participations. In addition, she participated in other international events such as: ICFF NYC (USA), Design Week (Mexico), HD America (USA) and Index Feira (Dubai). Offering the best of "Made in Brazil" design for the national and international market is the mission of A Lot of Brasil. 

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