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Ipek Furniture began to manufacture activity in 1991, and pioneered the era of planned and mass production in furniture via an organization that could be assumed as the start of automation in Anatolia with regard to the sector, although the automation system was applied in great scale factories in those years. 
Ipek Furniture has been continuing its activities as an efficient brand determining trends in the furniture market with its authentic designs since it was founded. It continues to offer a wide range of products from seating groups to sofa, from dining room sets to teenager groups, from bedroom suites to sorts of beds, and from bed bases to other products. 
Ipek Furniture, which offers the most natural state of alternatives and comfort, conveys functional, aesthetic, quality and elegantly designed products to you with a reasonable price policy, and an understanding of fast and timely service via a wide service and delivery web by prioritizing customer satisfaction.
Ipek Furniture supports social responsibility projects besides commercial activities. Athlete youngsters who did not have sufficient facilities in 17 regions received their diplomas by completing their basic education in the project, “Hands Reaching the Medal from the Street by a Silky Touch”, in which our honourable Chairman of the Executive Board, Saffet Arslan especially was interested and attached great importance. Our project has been going on continuously and extensionally.

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