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In the year of 1999, an Azorean woman and a northern Portuguese man left their hometowns to begin their academic journey at Minho University located in Guimarães city in Portugal. This is where Nieta Atelier was founded, where interior design and architecture services provided for many years.

Following their endless research and interest in fabrics, patterns and textures, they come up with the need to create their own brand, the brand that would stand out from the conventional and emerged from a social and environmental consciousness. Our goal is to minimize as much as possible all forms of pollution resulting from textile production, contributing to ecosystem conservation. So Nieta Ecogreen brand by Nieta Atelier is born. This new project has a team with more than 150 technicians specialized in many areas involved in the process, which allows us to have good responsiveness and quality. In parallel to this project the Granddaughter Atelier keep in your decorations the development of unique design pieces made entirely by hand. These pieces are made with waste and are based on the concept "Upcycling • Handmade • Portugal". 

This concept had it's roots from design, allying the typical Portuguese northern culture 'Minhota' to the a vision of sustainability. Recreating and reinterpreting the ancient textile techniques from looms and needles, materials that once were considered 'disposable' are reborn with extended value. All our products are based on sustainability and almost do not have any kind of environmental impact.

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